Monthly Calendar for 2008

Jeff Soto is proud to deliver 13 full-color calendar images that you can proudly display on your wall. The calendar will measure 9” x 18” when you are hanging it on the wall and features 13 months starting in December of 2007 and finishing in December 2008 :

The calendar features 14 major paintings from the past couple of years -- not featured in the sold out Potato Stamps Book – and 39 small images from Jeff’s 100 series of paintings. You will be pleased to know that this package also includes one 8” x 8” sticker page with 10 stickers, one 32 page Mini Zine that measures 5 ˝” x 8 ˝” featuring photos, sketches, drawings and painting pieces and parts. The mini Zine is signed on vellum and is bound in the book, appearing in the front : Jeff threw down his Photoshop and design skills to teach Murphy a thing or two. And the result is major coolness.

Please Note : This product is for advanced order only and will ship end of July in a special printed box : Jeff Soto’s Lucky Thirteen Monthly Calendar will be ready in plenty of time for the new year, however this is a limited quantity item : only 1,500 sets will be printed : Shipping Price reduced for your advanced purchase :

ISBN : 0-9771430-9-0