After a year of sketching and doodling, Mark has put together his first art book, Scribble. Essentially, the whole idea is to pursue the development of style one drawing at a time. Mark’s first collection is a signed and numbered edition featuring 38 drawings and includes an original drawing illustrated on the author signature page : Scribble is available in hard cover (250 copies) and soft cover (800 copies only) :

Scribble (Hard Cover) : $20.00
Scribble (Soft Cover) : $10.00

The past 16 months have been productive. Ten handmade sketchbooks created by Don Kilpatrick have been completely filled cover to cover. Drawing has become an obsessive, possibly compulsive habit that consistently begs for more attention.

The following edition is a collection of jumbled up lines that intend to capture brief, but special moments. To me, these moments are probably less than a few lines per sketchbook page. Lastly, there is no rhyme nor reason for this assembly—except to invite an exchange with you that begins with a simple line on a page. Scribble.